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Dinner Plates

Dinner Plates

Served with rice pilaf and greek salad

Lamb Kabob $11.95

Kafta Kabob $10.95
Ground marinated beef and lamb

Chicken Kafta $10.95
Ground marinated chicken

Chicken Kabob $10.95

Combo Kabob $13.95
Choose 2: Lamb, chicken, beef or kafta

Beef Kabob (Souvlaki) $12.95

Baked Tilapia $10.95

Seafood Plate $13.95
Hadock or Tilapia + Shrimp, Scallops and Calamari

Grilled Salmon $12.95

Beef Shawarma $11.95

Chicken Shawarma $11.95

Vegetarian Plates

Falafel Plate (Ground chick peas) $10.95
Served with greek salad, hummus, tabouleh, tahini sauce and pita bread

Vegetarian Plate $10.95
Greek salad, hummus, babaganush, grape leaves and pita bread

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