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Desserts and Drinks

Desserts & Drinks

Coffee & Tea

freshly brewed coffee

Coffee $1.90

Espresso $2.25

Latte $3.39

Cappuccino $3.39

Mocha $3.50

Hot Chocolate $2.75

Tea $1.90
(Black, green, or herb)

Chai $3.29
Fragrant black tea blended with milk and spices (Iced or Hot)

Iced Coffee or Iced Tea Iced $1.90

Iced Cappuccino $3.29

Iced Latte $3.29


Sm $4.95 | Md $5.95 | Lg $6.95

Strawberry Splash

Mango Tango

Strawberry Splash

Mango Tango

Wild Berries

Peach on the Block

Orange Mango

Orange Mango & Peach

Strawberry Lemonade

Pina Colada

Pina Colada Strawberry

Party Cocktail

Super Fire

Super Protein


Add ice cream for only $ 1.90

Cookies $1.90
Chocolate-chip, Peanut Butter, M&M, and Oatmeal

Cakes $3.95
Carrot, Cheesecake, Chocolate, Chocolate Mousse

Kunafa $2.80

Baklava $2.80

Rice Pudding $2.80

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